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This plugin will allow you to restrict users from using parts of your site, unless they are logged in (great for members sites, or places where you don't want non-members to be able to see). Supports detailed pages, new pages, rantings pages, etc.

Please Note: If using this plugin on more than one site, you need one license per site!

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Other Details

Plugin Description

This plugin will enable you to restrict access to particular categories on your site to "members only", as well as the following;

  1. Detailed pages
  2. Ratings Pages
  3. Cool Pages
  4. New Pages
  5. Other pages, pass in via page.cgi?p=test

Each of these sections can be turned on/off with ease, in the plugins settings.

This plugin is also mod_rewrite compatible, so you can set it up with static pages, whilst still running in dynamic mode (and thus being able to check if a user is logged in, and restricting the page access)

Plugin Requirements

LinksSQL 2.1.2