Welcome to UltraNerds!

UltraNerds is a Division of PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc., one of the oldest internet companies around.

PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc. has been around since the very beginning of the on-line revolution, and managed various BBS and on-line services all the way back to 1983. They incorporated, and officially moved to the Internet in 1993, making them one of the oldest continually on-line companies and websites!

UltraNerds started when Andy Newby (linkssql.net), and PugDog (linkssql.com), were approached by a few clients, who thought it would be a good idea for them to 'partner up'.

After thinking about it, they realized that a lot of good could come from such a partnership. They would be able to offer more services, offer around the clock support (due to time-zones), develop and debug more plugins, and even finally create a few OEM (heavily modified) versions of LinksSQL.

And UltraNerds.com was born! (Largely because it was the best name we owned for such a project at the time!)

Our speciality is working with LinksSQL, although we have both been playing around with Gossamer Community, and Gossamer Forum. We hope to be able to offer more services related to these other products some time soon.