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This plugin will let your users suggest a category for their link to go in (only one level deeper than they currently have selected). Please see the full description for more details.

Please Note: If using this plugin on more than one site, you need one license per site!

Please note, this plugin is also part of the following "packages";

Other Details

Plugin Description

This plugin lets your users suggest a category for their link to be put in. For example, if you already have;

Test Category/Something/Somewhere
..but they want to put it in ;
Test Category/Something/Somewhere/Local Area

Then they would just submit their link as normal, and then complete the "Suggested Category" input box, which puts their suggestion into the plugin, ready for you to look at, and approve if desired. Please note: This will only create a new category from one level - i.e you couldn't only have "Test Category/Something", and then expect "Test Category/Something/Somewhere/Local Area" to be created. This isn't a fault in the plugin, but more the logic of how it works =) (it would be VERY hard to get it to create a whole hierarchy, especially when going through the built in "Add Category" function (with the values pre-filled)

Plugin Requirements

  • GLinks 3.0.4+
  • Admin Validation Enabled


  • Only one bit of code to add into include_form.html...
  • Gives you a list of "pending suggestions", and you can choose which ones to add.
  • Ability to "ignore" suggestions, on a per-link basis
  • Quick "update links category" button, which updates the CategoryID in the glinks_CatLinks table