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This plugin makes it a piece of cake to assign editors to multiple categories, instead of having to do it the long winded way via the normal admin interface. If an entry already exists for a specific editor, it will simply overwrite the old editor entry, with the new details. It also makes it very simple to view editors who are currently setup, and the categories they are assigned to (and "privileges")

Please Note: If using this plugin on more than one site, you need one license per site!

Please note, this plugin is also part of the following "packages";

Other Details

Plugin Requirements

  • Gossamer Links (3.x +)
  • Editors enabled (via browser.cgi)


  • Ease of use, when setting up new "Editors", or updating a current "Editor"

  • The ability to view your list of editors, and what categories they are set up with access to / their "privileges".