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This plugin gives you a simple to use interface, where you can randomly display a "fact of the day" on your site. Simple to use, and even simpler to populate with your own facts (via a textbox, newline/pipe delimited). You literally have one tag to call, and then <%Rand_Date%> and <%Rand_Text%> become available on whatever page it is.

Please Note: If using this plugin on more than one site, you need one license per site!

Please note, this plugin is also part of the following "packages";

Other Details

Plugin Requirements

  • LinksSQL 2.2.0+ or GLinks 3.0.x
  • Perl
  • MySQL


  • Supports as many facts for the day as you want (will just randomly select from the days list of active facts)
  • Easy addition/removal/bulk addition of facts.
  • SQL based for speed.

Upcoming Features

Pre-populated "fact" database. If you have any, please let us know =)