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This new design is created using Bootstrap as a base, giving us a very flexible design system to base the template around. With a bit of HTML / CSS knowledge, and some Bootstrap experience, you can easily customize this much more. Alternately, if your skills are not quite that advanced... you could simply change the title, copyright, and maybe add a bit of text here and there :)

Please Note: If using this plugin on more than one site, you need one license per site!

Live Demo
Please note, this plugin is also part of the following "packages";

Other Details

Plugin Requirements

  • Gossamer Links 3.2+


  • Easy to customize
  • Web 2.0 Design
  • Nice "modal" windows for "Rating" a link, so they don't have to leave the page
  • Makes use of an icon set called Font-Awesome, and also Bootstrap (as a base scaffolding)
  • Works all the way back to IE8 (older versions are not supported, as they are too archaic)