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This plug-in aims to make importing from DMOZ much easier. Features include optional cron setup; automatic download, extraction and importing of DMOZ's RDF data.

Please Note: If using this plugin on more than one site, you need one license per site!

Please note, this plugin is also part of the following "packages";

Other Details

Plugin Description

This plug-in aims to make importing from DMOZ much easier. Simply choose the categories you want to import, press the button, log in via SSH/Telnet, and type in a couple of commands (given to you after running the script generation part of the plugin).

I originally wrote this Plugin for myself, but soon realised how much more use it would be to other LinksSQL users. Basically, what this plugin does is write about 7-8 commands for each category Dump. This makes the whole import process go faster, because you don't have to sit there manually and painstakingly type out all the messages. Imagine, for 4 categories, it would require about 28-30 commands. As you can imagine, this takes a long time to do. Using this plugin, it minimizes it to 2 commands (which are given to you right after the .cgi script has been built).

So, in short, this Plugin writes a .cgi script, which you then run from Telnet/SSH to do the complete import (from downloading the content.rdf.u8.gz file, to repairing the database count after the installs).

Please note, if you are purchasing a "site license", this entitles you to upto 4 installations of this Plugin. A normal licence, is only valid on one site, and if people are found breaching the license agreement, we may revoke their support (proof is needed).

Plugin Requirements

  • Links SQL 2.1+
  • UNIX Type Server
  • SSH/Telnet Access
  • Unicode::MapUTF8 Perl Module
  • LWP::Simple Perl Module
  • At least 2Gb of free space (for downloading, decompressing etc of the content.rdf.u8.gz RDF file)


  • Now supports non-english categories, such as spanish, french, german, etc. Please note, it DOES NOT SUPPORT ARABIC, JAPANESE OR CHINESE new.
  • Option to send email after slicing/import...
  • Option to download a remote .sql file, to place in database...
  • Option to execute a local .sql file, to place in database...
  • Ability to clean database before an import...
  • Ability to backup the database before an import...
  • Choice of importing 'Top' categories, or a selection of your own choice.
  • Option to check if the category in question exists.
  • ..and more.