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This plugin aims to make it as simple as possible to set up and run cron jobs.

Please Note: If using this plugin on more than one site, you need one license per site!

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Other Details

Plugin Description

Many people don't have the knowledge of how to setup Cron Jobs. This plugin aims to make it as simple as possible for you, with you only having to simply click buttons ;) NPH-build.cgi can be setup to run whenever you want, with literally 2 clicks. Please see the features list for more details on it, and some screenshots.

Plugin Requirements

  • Links SQL 2.1+
  • A UNIX System
  • Ability to run cron jobs on your user account.


  • Allows you to setup cron jobs instantaneously with a couple of clicks (see screenshots)
  • Features: Build> Repair
  • Features: Build> All
  • Features: Build> Changed
  • Features: Build> Flags
  • Features: Verify> From...
  • Features: Verify> Problem Links
  • Features: Verify> New
  • Features: Verify> All
  • Features: Others> Create new cron job
  • Features: Others> Modify existing cron job
  • Features: Others> Delete existing cron job
  • Features: PageBuilder Plugin cron setup
  • Features: Recip_Link Plugin cron setup
  • MySQL Backup (includes feature to upload backups to remote server)

Upcoming Features

  • Better error checking for adding custom cron jobs (i.e mistyped day number, etc).